Our Agriturism provide for excellent traditional local dishes, all homemade, they are healthy dishes with genuine tastes, we make them with natural ingredients self-producted.

The dining room is luminous, there are two large windows looking in the garden and at the centuries-old walnut, home of really curious squirrel, who use to look at guest from the windows.

Agriturismo Antico Mulino Montefortino


Typical Dishes

Restaurant is reserved to our guest.

As first plate we serve a selection of home made pasta as: gnocchi, ravioli and the famous “Polentone” with porcine mushrooms and truffles from Sibillini Mountains, we make the flour with our mill, using a stone wheel. As second plate we usually prepare meat as: lamb, goat, pig, we also have: chicken, guineafowl, rabbit.

We also provide vegetable side dishes, all of them homemade, coming from our vegetable garden, of which we are proud. In our vegetable garden we produce: salad, tomatoes, zucchini, aubergine, cucumber, beetroot and chicory. Sometimes will be available Perennial Goosefoot, a vegetable with the scientific name of: “Chenopodium bonus-Henricus”, it is a wild kind of spinach, typical of middle mountain area, from 1000 to 1800 above sea level, particularly in Sibillini Mountain, for to they similarity to spinach they are prepared in the same way, but they have better taste.

For our gluttonous guest we offer local homemade sweets at the end of each meal as tart or pie with: pink apple from Sibillini Mountain, chocolate, walnut and fig, almond and walnut biscuits with “Vin Cotto”.

We offer pies, home made, and jam for breakfast, with honey, cereal and fruit, the better way to start your day.

We also sell our products as: pink apples, jams and flour for “Polenta” and “Polentone”, only in Autumn you can also found walnuts, mushroom, truffles and chesnuts.